What We Do?

Our partnership of Colleges, Local Authorities and Employers is undertaking a wide range of activities to ensure educators and industry are aligned in the development and promotion of green skills training.

Green Skills Laboratories

Central to the project is the development of cutting-edge ‘Green Laboratories’ at eight college sites. These will offer access to pioneering training facilities, with a focus on low carbon and renewables including: Retrofitting, insulation technologies, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Electric Vehicle Charging Insulation.

These training laboratories are expected to be in operation from September 2023.

Employer Board

An employer board is being developed to ensure businesses can communicate their future skills needs – and work closely with colleges and local authorities to ensure these needs can be met.

Expert input

Supporting the project are two teams of specialist green consultants.

Crystal Associates is working with each college in the partnership, looking at ways cutting-edge spaces can be developed and advising on specialised green skills course content, which will meet local demand. 

Just Ask Scarlett is delivering executive training to each college to ensure that Green Skills planning is embedded into the curriculum. This will secure an effective skills pipeline across a wide range of sustainability initiatives to help meet the region’s current and future needs.

Other experts

MCS is providing expert advice on qualifications and industry certification, ensuring there is consistent high-quality assurance for the green sector.  This work is linking colleges with key industry employers, to offer staff knowledge exchange via (for example) employer placements.


They have provided green skills training and are building the green laboratories across 8 college sites.

Why are we doing this what are the benefits?

The Green Skills sector is growing exponentially – with over 600,000 new jobs expected by 2030. Action is needed to ensure the right skills are being developed and supported to meet demand.

It is also crucial that people across the Local London region have access to the training needed to take advantage of the many, excellent career opportunities on offer in the green skills arena.

For learners across our network, we expect to deliver

  • Increased access to entry level employment in the low carbon green sector
  • Improved and enhanced access to new skills and employment pathways
  • Improved in-work (CPD) training leading to higher value employment
  • Network of cutting-edge green laboratories, providing standardised, high quality, training & qualifications optimising access & flexibility for local learners

For employers:

  • Improved skills training and recruitment to meet acute and strategic need
  • Direct input into curriculum provision ensuring skills & competencies meet employer need
  • Access to a network of local, quality assured skills training facilities
  • Employers engaged in a new employer network
  • Sub-regional employer events

For the local economy:

  • Improved local skills base in green and low carbon/green (LCG) technology
  • Potential for enhanced inward investment and clustered sector growth based on an increased skilled labour pool
  • Over 300 new jobs
  • One new employer network
  • Support for the levelling up agenda and Local London economic strategy
  • Transition towards a modern, low carbon economy
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